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This month's message: 


Read Jonah 2

You may have a special place to pray, but don’t get so hooked on a place or an atmosphere that you cannot pray unless things are just right! Thank God you will meet him today, however you feel or wherever you are.

It would have been easier for Jonah to praise God after he got to the safety of dry land rather than while he was still stuck inside the great fish! Jonah prays from the heart of his terrible situation (v1); he does not wait until things are sorted out. If you are really struggling don’t wait until things get sorted out before you pray – do it now. Then notice who it is that Jonah prays to: ‘… I called to the LORD’ (v2). When we face trouble or find ourselves in adverse situations it is not the length or strength of our prayers that matters, but who our prayers are directed towards. God listens and answers (v2b); heartfelt prayer is never fruitless. The next few verses describe the experience of feeling abandoned by God (vs 3-6a), but God meets and lifts Jonah up (v6b). we do not have to struggle alone to get up and out of the mess we are in: God will lift us. Jonah offers praise right at the heart of his difficulties. Ask God to help you praise him in whatever situations you face (vs 8-9), you will be amazed at what he will do (v 10)!

SUGGESTION: Think about the most difficult situation in your life at present – you are trapped inside it just as Jonah was in the fish. Read verse 2 again (notice it moves from ‘he’ to ‘you’ in the way it talks about the Lord – now it’s personal) and cry out to God about your situation – he promises to listen.

PRAYER: Thank you, Lord, that your yoke is easy and your burden light. I rest in you today. Amen.